Our Trainers are CrossFit Certified Coaches and have years of experience helping people get the results they’re looking for.

Kevin K.

CrossFit L3 Certified Coach​

Joe L.

CrossFit L2 Certified Coach​​
For 9 years Joe was working out at home, running 5k’s & 10k’s, and  Spartan Races but got bored with day to day training. One day he decided to stop in Corps Fitness and try a class. Loved the classes and the community right away. After 6 months he got his L1 certification and fell in love with CrossFit. The variety, science, and methodologies really appealed to him.  Developing new skills and learning new things was so much fun! The variety of workouts, strength, and constant change in training makes it so easy to not get bored.
“Sure, some days you don’t love the workout. But we do it anyway. That’s what we do at CrossFit Crossing. We help each other stay accountable and motivate each other to keep coming!”

Amanda K.

CrossFit L2 Certified Coach​​

Kristen R.

CrossFit L1 Certified Coach
In high school Kristen was introduced to Olympic lifting and was hooked. She competed from 9th to 12th grade and was President of the Lifting Club her senior year. This gave her the confidence that she could be as successful as the boys! When her best friend started this “new CrossFit trend” she was hesitant at first but started the classes and fell in love!

“Not only did I get to work out and compete next to my best friends – but i was in the best shape of my life!”

Dan T.

CrossFit L1 Certified Coach​​
After a lifetime of fitness revolving around wrestling and his military career Dab felt a bit of stagnation. Due to some severe health complications resulting from Lyme Disease Dan had always taken his health and fitness for granted until he realized he couldn’t get away with the lifestyle choices. He knew he needed a change and had heard great things about the CrossFit community so he tried it in 2020.
Since joining the gym he  has:
– been sober for 3 years
– clean dieting for 4 years
– ran 3 marathons & 1 spartan race 
– competed in 2 CrossFit competitions
– has become a better husband/father/friend
– grown personally and professionally 
“The community at CrossFit Crossing has impacted me in such a tremendously positive way that I was drawn to coaching as a way to give back and help others achieve their health and fitness goals. “


CrossFit L1 Certified Coach​​
Teddy thanks Coach Dan for getting him into CrossFit even before he was coaching. Dan convinced Teddy to give CrossFit a try and he was INSTANTLY hooked. It quickly became his favorite thing to do!
“I’m so happy I listend to him. CrossFit truly has changed my life”