When someone asks me why I love CrossFit, I just smile. Not because I think it is a dumb question, but because of the pure happiness I get from the thought of being absolutely crushed, drenched in sweat, wondering what the HELL just happened…Then I look to my left/right and see some of my greatest friends reacting the same way. Still breathing hard, not able to communicate, we crawl towards one another…No words need to be spoke, just a head nod, and a well-deserved fist pump. I do what I do because I found a community of likeminded individuals that want to get better every day…Not just in the gym but in LIFE! The lessons I have learned and the memories I have made will live with me forever. Thank you Corps Fitness and CrossFit Crossing. Much Love.

Tim Shields

CrossFit Athlete
It took me a while to get back into regular exercising, but with CrossFit, especially the trainers at CrossFit Crossings, I felt comfortable in my journey and progress. Dan encourages me to make healthy choices and pushes me when I’m feeling sluggish. From the quality equipment to the friendly, motivating atmosphere, I feel at home with the CrossFit Crossings family


Small Group Member
My days don’t look the same as they did before because wellness has become such an essential part of my life and learning how to do that better is a constant exploration. I have an amazing support system with my coach Dan, small group and the community at CrossFit Crossing who cheer me on, hold me accountable and have the same desires and passions to strive for more.


Small Group Member
First of all Trainer, Dan Hannum and the CrossFit Crossings Family have changed my life for the better in many ways. Prior to working with Dan and my small group I was floundering in the exercise and best health areas of life. I had tried numerous approaches over the years to get back into shape but nothing seemed to stick. Working long hours, eating bad food, and not getting exercise into my day was a common theme.
This time with the support of Dan, Paul, Tim, Larry, Kim, Annie and our newest small group addition Lena I have stuck to working out on a regular basis. My small group has become a second family. We continually support each other to be the best we can be inside and outside of the gym.
All areas of my life have been enhanced by the consistent workouts and mental strength that comes from the challenging opportunities. There is no going back to the old approaches. The CrossFit family and my small group is the path to personal success.


Small Group Member